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    Tuesday, 6 March 2018

    Best Tracking App for Android

    Today we bring Amazing Mobile app with the help of you can track your location.

    Track View is a Mobile app that throughly connect to the BrickHouse Security GPS Platform and enable he user to view it's location collected by their GPS tracking devices.

    Generally it is verry useful app for day to day purpose it help us in tracking and in many other way it is verry useful. 

    All the procedure of the GPS Tracking is done by the online protal.

    This app is generally Current available for Android Phones and Tablets.
    Screens and Feature of the app.
    • Dashboard
    • Search
    • Duration
    • About Us
    • Contact
    • Street View
    • Detail Summary
    • Settings
    • Log In
    • Display Location On Map
    • Log Out
    • Sign Up
    • Refresh- Confirm Last Known Location

    This app will not be used in the devices which was purchased prior to it will not be compitable for the Track View app.

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