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    Thursday, 7 May 2015

    7 Yoga Exercises For Black And Healthy Hair

    Black hair is a personal favorite of Indian women. No matter how much we may try to look cool by dyeing it blonde or blue or pink but at the end of the day we all salute to black shiny hair. And why not? How well it complements Indian skin tone! And it turns our mood off the moment we notice a long strand of white hair dangling beside our ear. O God, how to cover it up? Use a black dye to save your life. But well that is a temporary solution and one that is perfect for aged people. But how does it feel using a black dye in your mid 20’s? The very thought of it freaks you out. These days’ youngsters have been facing a lot of problems with premature graying of hair. The changing lifestyle and genetic problems are responsible for hair graying before age. Not only that our hair has started looking like dried grass. Our hair problems are limited to premature graying either. Hair fall, breakage etc follow one another. Yoga asanas have become a favored solution. Yoga postures for hair growth, hair fall, breakage etc have taken a strong hold in our fitness routines.

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