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    Sunday, 3 May 2015

    2 Simple Chest Bench Press Workouts

    If you want to impress the lass living near your house with your big, rippled chest and bulging triceps, you can go in for a dedicated chest bench press exercise regime for near-instant results. The Bench Press is the best exercise for the upper body. It builds up the ‘core’ which means the chest, and shoulder muscles and triceps for a cool, sculpted “Greek God” look. The exercise also remains the most popular gym ‘core‘ exercises used by weight lifters to build up their chest muscles and triceps (often to gargantuan levels) just like the macho silver screen heroes who have a chiselled chest. Bench press can be performed with both barbells and dumbbells. But if you want to work out your chest muscles through a greater range of motion, then dumbbells are the right tools for you! Looking forward to knowing how to get that impressive chest? Then here you go!

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