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17 Strength Exercises That Burn Fat Fast

Be gone, fat! The extra love adhering to your waistline, thighs, butt and arms can go right into the fire. You already know cardio can burn fat, but what about strength training? You bet! When you contract muscles under added resistance, it takes a lot of energy to control the movement. With each contraction, you’re doing “damage” to the muscle fibers in other words, you’re making a mess and your body uses even more energy after your workout to clean it up. The surrounding fat cells are used as resources for this tidying up; therefore, you burn fat! Check out these moves below and add them to your next workout:

1. Hamstring Curl with Stability Ball: Lie on your back and prop your feet up on the stability ball. Squeeze the butt to lift and curl the heels toward the hips without letting them sag. You’ll feel this through your entire posterior chain from the hamstrings through the glutes and into the upper back. Lock the core down to help you stabilize! 

17 Moves to Tighten Your Tush and Thighs

Need to tone and tighten that lower body? Sometimes, targeting your legs and butt can be a little tricky, so we found 17 lunges that can get your legs ready for any season — whether you’re working for a beach booty or want your legs long and lean in skinny jeans!

1. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick: Ready to sweat? This move works your glutes, quads and hamstrings to give you a great workout! Don’t forget to stretch first! Click here to get more information on this move.

2. Reverse Lunge and Press: Work your quads, glues AND shoulders with this move! If you’re doing a total-body workout, this is exercise is a great addition to your workout.